“Seeds of Yesterday” is the end of the Dollanganger incest family saga. The fourth and final book of V.C. Andrews’ great paperback smut fantasy has produced something tepid in a TV movie. While the sensuality is there, you don’t get the sense of underlying disgust that was found in the original novels. Now, it plays like a bad soap opera with evil kids and relationship politics. While the stakes were high at one point, it seems like the ground has fallen out from this series.

The stuff with Bart and Cindy wasn’t in the book and it was added poorly. Don’t debate me on this, literary junk scholars. I will smite thee with my knowledge of adaptations of B material. Still, it’s admirable that Lifetime was willing to undertake such a production. The DVD comes with no special features. But, you get a Digital HD copy for your mobile needs.

Release Date: 7/21/15

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