Hundreds of ghost stories lurk in the shadows of London, England, but behind every myth and legend is the terrifying truth that sheds light on one of the darkest periods of this city’s history. In Victorian times, violent crimes, extreme poverty and lawlessness forced Londoners to band together to survive. In a time when science and medicine challenged the Church, and disease and overpopulation drove the poor to do jobs only the Devil himself could imagine, London set the stage for chaos. From body snatchers and serial killers to occult clubs and pagan rituals, Victorian Londoners lived by their own rules…both above and below ground. Don Wildman explores London from the bottom up and tells the stories most would rather remain buried.


The largest naval armada in U.S. history descended on the Japanese island of Okinawa in April of 1945. Instead of a swift victory for the American’s it became the bloodiest battle of the Pacific. Much of the battle wasn’t on land it was underneath it–from the beehive of combat tunnels to the caves where thousands of civilians hid. Join host Don Wildman as he discovers what it was like to live through the Battle of Okinawa. Watch as he delves into the subterranean tunnels, caves, and bunkers, and then dives to explore the lost naval destroyer sunken deep in the waters off Okinawa’s coast.


The preview disc arrived with the first four episodes of the season.

Every major city has an underground, some older and much more historic in their existence and steeped in great lore and mystery.

Underground Atlanta has roots in the Civil War; underground Paris is a labyrinth of tunnels used for a myriad of purposes, and houses human skeletons neatly stacked and aligned to form the walls of nearly one kilometer of walking passage, the Denfert-Rochereau Ossuary, The Empire of the Dead.


The show is a fun jaunt through contemporary history. I love it when shows like this can bring cultural anthropology and history to a practical level. Each episode delves into various cultures and finds connecting points. I can’t help but feel a similar connection to Discovery’s “Dirty Jobs”. Blue collar history works wonders and it only serves to open up new pockets of society. That’s why I recommend the show to all viewers. 

Every city has its secrets. And, you’d be surprised to learn what lies below the surface of some. Turning history upside-down,

CITIES OF THE UNDERWORLD, debuts its third season Sunday, October 26 at 9pm ET/PT on History ™.

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