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Scrooged: 30th Anniversary Edition

Scrooged was the only Christmas film I could stand for years. I’m not sure whether it was the constant HBO saturation or my enjoyment of the creative style, but it clicked with me for years. Years go by, more films hit the pleasure center of my brain and time marches on. Now, I’m watching a new gathering of sullen kids discovering that Christmas doesn’t always have to be joyous. So, why can’t I enjoy the film anymore?

It’s not like Paramount is letting audiences miss a chance to watch the film on home video. So, what makes the 30th anniversary so special other than making me feel old? Well, not much. It gets a neat new slipcover and the case seems sturdier. Other than that, not much. Hell, I think the DVD bundled into the package is the 1st Generation DVD that Paramount released over a decade ago. Maybe your grandparents might like that.

There is always going to be an older kid discovering this film for the first time. At the right age, they need a friendly yet slightly edgier alternative than your typical animated Holiday fare. Some of you might be saying that the kids should just get their asses outside and do something. Well, one battle at a time. For now, I’d recommend picking up a copy for them.

Scrooged is now available on Blu-ray!


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