Screwball [DVD review]

Screwball [DVD review] 3

Screwball is the latest documentary from Billy Corben. You might know Corben from Cocaine Cowboys or his appearances on the Joe Rogan Experience. What’s crazier about the film isn’t the stuff about Alex Rodriguez or the 2013 Steroid Scandal. It’s about the cronyism and outright lying involved in Florida sports for the last few decades.

Corben has been a personal favorite documentarian, but so much of this film is dedicated to shooting through the lies. No one outside of the direct whistleblowers are willing to work to make the film solid. Everybody fights and lies and lies and lies some more. All the while, viewers will be wondering why doesn’t anyone do anything to get directly involved?

Well, it’s because Major League Sports have heroes, villains and commissioners that break their back to appoint these icons. Don’t believe me about this or how pervasive it is across other spots? Google Peyton Manning and HGH when you get a chance.

Screwball arrives on June 4th



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