Director: Darren Doane
Writers: Darren Doane and Cheston Hervey
Cast: Kirk Cameron, Darren Doane, Bridgette Cameron
Studio: Samuel Goldwyn Films

“Saving Christmas” is about Kirk Cameron lecturing the world. Well, America. I’d say have to say carefully selected markets around America. I caught the film almost two weeks ago and I have to say that I’ve yet to meet anyone else that has seen it. Maybe, that’s the promise that this kind of material can always die on the vine. But, does it deserve to die?

Kirk Cameron has gleefully volunteered to become the whipping boy for the Christian Right. His points are laughable, his level of fame is dwindling, but he’s always available to go on camera to talk about Bananas and dragons. I would wonder if he was being blackmailed into the material, but the dude has an insane level of glee when verbally shitting in public. Darren Doane actually creates a strong 2/3rds of a film with a terrible musical numbers. But, it’s a far more solid film than “Fireproof” or other Cameron fare. What makes “Saving Christmas” stand out is how unintentionally funny it is and I hope others get to experience it this Holiday season.

There is no War on Christmas. There is a war on minorities, minor drug users, the poor, the working class, credible journalism, the English language and many other things. What people want is a dialogue about these issues or equal representation to the experiences of others. Kirk Cameron is the kid in your first grade glass that didn’t want anyone else to have the scissors. He’s an attention hog that represents the worst of the Christian Right. Your art project doesn’t get ruined if you share the Scissors, it just gives others the chance to make their art. It’s the loss of what you believe makes you a precious snowflake that permeates your being. Christians used to call that greed and it’s a sin.


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