Sara Stein - From Berlin to Tel Aviv: The Complete Series
89%Overall Score
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The Sara Stein series is about a Jewish criminal investigator working in Berlin. Faster than you can say Nazis, this series gets going. I love crime tales, especially on an international level. However, half of this series felt like a Law and Order series with an extensive budget and less Ice-T. Plus, it’s kinda cool to see a TV-series set up as a collection of movies.

Sara Stein

From Berlin to Tel Aviv doesn’t do anything new. What it does is find exciting tweaks to formulas to produce new ways of looking at street level crime. Honestly, it’s the kind of thing I expect to see on Netflix and not on a random DVD. Bless Omnibus Entertainment for bringing something off my radar to my attention.

Sara Stein arrives on DVD June 4th, 2019

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