“Rudderless” is about the power of music in the face of adversity. Billy Crudup plays an ad exec whose son was recently gunned down in a campus shooting. Feeling like he has nowhere to turn, Crudup discovers that his kid was a pretty talented songwriter. Grabbing a guitar and trying to play his way through the music, Crudup meets up with a few young people. Anton Yelchin continues to be an impressive talent, as he guides Crudup’s character into a new world of underground talent.

First-time director William H. Macy calls in a ton of favors and plays around with traditional musicians to create something familiar but new. The emotional value of the film will probably put off some of my cold hearted fellow writers, but there’s something here. I think that it might’ve been better suited for TV than film, but I’ll take strong directing debuts anyway I can get them.

Selena Gomez also shows stronger range than I’ve seen in the past. I’m not ready to put her up for Award recognition, but she’s a talent that is growing with each passing year. January is a cold and rather boring month, so you could do worse than pick this up. The Dolby track was kinda flat for a movie that was music heavy. That caught me offguard, but I chalk that up to being an indie production. The transfer wasn’t rough, but it did tend to be washed out at times. I guess that was an aesthetic choice of the cinematographer. By the way, most readers will notice that there have been a few changes around here recently. We’re tweaking formats and updating the graphic side of things. While I hate to cut this review short, we’ll be using it as a model to build what’s coming next. So, don’t mind it if you see Rudderless pop a lot in the feeds.


  • Hear This Song
  • “Hold On” Music Video with Selena Gomez and Ben Kweller
  • Deleted Scenes


RELEASE DATE: 01/20/2015

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