“Rollercoaster” is part of that period in the 1970s when Universal got really creative with their theatrical exhibitions. The studio felt enabled by the success of Jaws to try a hand at creating new experiences on film. Whether it’s the activity of Earthquake or the Sensuround rumble of Rollercoaster. George Segal leads the paper thin story of a mad bomber threatening to blow apart a major theme park. Everybody rocks their best mid 70s suits and moustache combos. All the while, we get to see teenage Helen Hunt keep putting herself in danger.

Steve Guttenberg made his film debut here, but you’ll miss him if you blink. Shot around Virginia’s amusement parks and finally at Magic Mountain near LA, the film is a big convoluted mess. The film is notorious for having many scenes cut down and tone trimmed to make sure the film received a PG release. Then, there’s the matter of Timothy Bottoms. Simply referred to as Young Man throughout the film, his bomber character is gutted of any and all purpose to make him seem maniacal. I’ll still never understand why Segal didn’t become a bigger star, as he’s stellar here. I’d recommend picking it up.


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