Road House 2 review: Did We Really Need a Road House 1?

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Road House 2 proves that anyone capitalize on a cult classic roughly 17 years after the first movie came out. Even if you follow a direct chronology, then Jonathan Schaech is playing a bastard hidden child of Swayze’s character in the first. Was he hidden from the prying eyes of Kelly Lynch? Also, was MGM trying to tank their stock at this time? I know that the readership is getting younger, but there was a 5 year stretch when MGM was crapping out movies like this and Deuces Wild on a regular basis.

If you don’t know who Jonathan Schaech is, well go to IMDB. Outside of That Thing You Do, I had to a Target Mom style refresher course of what else he has done since the Playtone years. He played Jonah Hex on Legends of Tomorrow. If that wasn’t enough, he was also in The Doom Generation. Remember that movie? That’s what movie nerds bought for each other as gifts back when the Internet was a blip and Suncoast ruled our lives.

Back to this film, nothing makes sense and Jake Busey plays a large-toothed bad guy. People squabble and fight, while wonder who exactly this film is supposed to be targeting.

Road House 2 is now available!

Road House 2


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