Ride Like A Girl [DVD review]

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Ride Like A Girl is the first movie about the Melbourne Cup that I remember seeing. That being said, I just learned the Melbourne Cup was a thing while preparing to cover this film. While I might come from the Horse Racing Haven of the World, I still don’t really care about it. So, will Ride Like A Girl win me with this girl power tale.

Ride Like A Girl [DVD review] 2

The answer is not exactly. Michelle Payne grew up in a family of jockeys and now she wants to prove herself. Her country isn’t that responsive, yet she pushes harder and harder until everyone loves her. Sam Neill shows up to give her grief, but he also loves her. Why? Because this is less of a movie and more of a constant reassurance that things work out in the end.

The Paramount DVD comes with a digital copy of the film. While I would’ve loved to have had special features for an Aussie film that was a pick-up from a smaller studio sent to a larger studio, that’s just not realistic. For now, I’ll just enjoy the Horse Girl film where Alison Brie doesn’t get sad naked.

Ride Like A Girl arrives on DVD on April 28th

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