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Bad Boys for Life 4DX

Bad Boys for Life: Matt reviews the ScreenX experience

Bad Boys for Life brought up something that’s been nagging me since last month. Basically, it’s a lingering thought after I walked out of my first ScreenX experience (the perfectly enjoyab...

Doolittle poster


It’s June, 1998. Eddie Murphy is Dr. John Doolittle, friend to animal-kind and father to Raven-Symone. It’s December, 1967. Rex Harrison shows his musical chops as Dr. John Doolittle. Amer...

The Grudge 2020 poster

The Grudge (2020) review

AndersonVision reviews The Grudge (2020) The Grudge is a film about trauma. Well, the original and 2004 Americanization were about that. Now, it’s a film that works as an attempt to revive estab...

always be my maybe almost best of 2019

AndersonVision’s Almost Best of 2019 List

Every year, AndersonVision sits down and selects the best films of 2019. Last year, we farmed out the selections to our full team and that made for a visually pleasing but hard to read format. This ye...

Cats review feat

Cats Review: Still Better Than Bombshell

Cats is a Disasterpiece says 100 other sites! Cats isn’t as bad as others are relating to you from what they were told. But, it’s also kinda trash. Why are these two different things? Hell...

Terminator Dark Fate

Terminator: Dark Fate awaits The Howell Family

The Howell’s have now experienced several 4DX films, enough to have an idea of what an enjoyable experience is and is not where the technology is concerned. Terminator: Dark Fate from a purely t...

Ford V Ferrari poster

Matt reviews Ford v. Ferrari in ScreenX

AndersonVision’s favorite graphic artist Matt Garretson reviews Ford v. Ferrari I had the opportunity to view Ford v. Ferrari in a Regal theater featuring CJ 4DPLEX Screen-X technology, which to...

Knives Out poster

Knives Out: This Is Why You’re Dumb

Warning Your boos mean nothing, I’ve seen what makes you cheer. -something better I watched this week What lives below regarding Knives Out isn’t vindictive or targeting any sole entity. S...

art of the dead poster

Art of the Dead [Review]

Art of the Dead is about how an art deal leads to the destruction of a family. Well, that’s kind of a stripped down way of addressing what happened. Let’s put it this way. Don’t expe...

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