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Dead by Dawn poster quarantine

Quarantine Spring 2020 Film Reviews

The Quarantine Spring 2020 Film Reviews have started. Social distancing has never looked as good as getting to watch and review films in a self-quarantine. So, let’s do thing right in 2020. Let&...


The Mindfulness Movement movie review

The Mindfulness Movement feels way more like a puff piece for something larger than actual documentary. Information has become a weapon and it’s strategically developed to constantly blast us wi...

Single Movie title

Single SXSW 2020 Short Film review

Single might be the best SXSW short that I’ve ever seen. Short films never get the respect they deserve among film fans. Most of that is due to not playing in traditional cinemas and be relegate...

Swallow 2020 movie poster

Swallow IFC movie review

Swallow is one of my favorite films of 2020. I know that some of the elite Film Twitter farts got to see it early. But, this one has been floating around the periphery of my attention for most of the ...

The Dog Doc poster

The Dog Doc movie review

The Dog Doc convinced me that Dr. Marty Goldstein is a miracle worker. Operating out of Westchester, Doc Goldstein doesn’t pull the latest and greatest in medical tech to save dogs’ lives....

Dolemite is my Name Netflix poster

Dolemite Is My Name review Best of 2019 #22

Dolemite Is My Name was practically the Blaxploitation Ed Wood. By that, I mean it had the same writers, story structure and lifted key builds wholesale. Yet, it’s fun to watch due to Eddie Murp...

I Still Believe 2020 movie poster

I Still Believe (2020) film review

I Still Believe is the latest Christian music biopic to gain a wide theatrical release. Telling the story of Christian music superstar Jeremy Camp has been a long time coming. Riverdale star K.J. Apa ...

Diane best of 2019 AndersonVision art by Matt Garretson

Diane review: Best of 2019 #23

Diane is a film that has been percolating in my brain for a bit. Originally, we were going to live with this during Awards season. Unfortunately, most of the Awards outlets chose to ignore the movie. ...

mother of monsters poster indie film

Troy reviews every indie film that mattered in February 2020.

Addicted to You is an indie film that kept coming on my radar. From clips with Seth Rogen to a constant Valentine’s Day push, it only made sense that I watched the movie on the 15th. Yeah, I kno...

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