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The Batman title 6.6 Fair

The Batman (2022) [Movie review]

What can be said about Bruce Wayne that hasn’t been exploited 17 times in the last 33 years? The Batman takes the world back down the path of what happens when you expose a rich kid to murder at...

Take Back The Night poster 8.3 Great

Take Back The Night (2022) [Movie review]

Take Back The Night is bold in one of the few ways that matters. It bends what you’d expect from a message movie into a genre film with a purpose. Until I saw the trailer, I wasn’t expecti...

arrow january 2022 stop zemlia poster 8.9 Great

Stop Zemlia (2021) [Movie review]

Stop Zemlia isn’t Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Hell, it flies in the face of all those senior year is going to be the craziest one ever takes in most American kid movies. So, how does the Ukrai...

the matrix resurrections trailer title 4.6 Poor

The Matrix Resurrections (2021): Meta Collapse [How to Watch Movies review]

The Matrix Resurrection is another trip to the well. But, one beset with constant flashbacks and someone nerdsplaining away everything.

Don't Look Up poster 4 Poor

Don’t Look Up (2021) proves that satire isn’t for everyone [Review]

Don’t Look Up surprised me. Normally, after I survey people during a film’s general release…I get a varied level of responses. What happened was the responses split into two camps. C...

Don't Look Up poster 4 Poor

Don’t Look Up (2021)

The planet is about to get hit by a giant comet. The problem is no one cares. Hilarity ensues!

Dune 2021 HBO Max streaming IMAX theaters promo poster 5 Average

Dune (2021) [How to Watch Movies review]

Dune is getting released on HBO Max and in theaters at the same time. People that aren’t members of NATO or heirs to theatrical exhibition chains have opinions about this for some reason. I̵...

Halloween Kills promo poster 6.4 Fair

Halloween Kills (2021) [How to Watch Movies Review]

The world has takes on Halloween Kills. Whether it’s Halloween or some other franchise, everyone becomes a series expert in time for the latest film hitting theaters or streaming. What’s e...

IMAX No Time to Die Safin James Bond 4.6 Poor

No Time to Die (2021): Secret Agent Dour [Movie review]

No Time to Die should be the last James Bond film for a very long time. That’s because MGM/EON/etc has finally found a way to drain the last drops of life out of 007. I’m not going to spoi...

Sparks Brothers poster 9.9 Amazing

The Sparks Brothers will thrill distinguished tastes, then suffer for the next 20 years

The Sparks Brothers is one of my favorite films of 2021. That’s a very short list, but I appreciate any year that causes a music documentary to be released in the summer. This film also marks my...

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