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The Tutor poster 7.3 Good

The Tutor (2023) [Movie review]

The Tutor confirms that all teenagers in turtlenecks are trying to harm you. But, Garrett Hedlund ignores that advice in pursuit of a $2500 daily paycheck. All he has to do is tutor a high school kid ...

Skinamarink title 9.1 Amazing

Skinamarink (2022) [Shudder movie review]

Skinamarink is the current horror movie dividing audiences that hate anything that isn’t a classic franchise from a decade before they were born. But even they start hating those movies because ...

Megan Blumhouse movie poster 8.5 Great

M3gan (2023) [Film review]

M3gan is proof that the January dump season is officially over. It’s not the deep dive pile of misplaced films that don’t have a dedicated audience. Since COVID killed the modern theater e...

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