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Jungleland (2020) [DVD review] 1

Jungleland (2020) [DVD review]

Jungleland brings us deep into the realistic world of bare-knuckle boxing. While that sounds stupid, it’s because it is. The days of boxing being this way out of a bum life went out with Elia Ka...

6.8 Fair
open up to me dvd

Open Up To Me [Film Movement and Corinth DVD reviews]

Open Up to Me is a Finnish movie about a trans woman trying to find love with a soccer coach. As time goes on, both of the lovers have family members voice their opposition. What follows next is the n...

7.1 Good
toys of terror title

Toys of Terror (2020) [Resolution Downgrade Review]

Toys of Terror is like if Stuart Gordon tried to direct Krampus…from beyond the grave! Poor taste aside, the film works on a superficial level, I just don’t know if it did anything special...

7.3 Good
steven universe title

Why I Spent 2020 Struggling to Watch Steven Universe

Steven Universe is one of those shows that I have a ton of unemployed 30 years old telling to me watch. What’s weird about a cartoon series being recommended by adults rather than small children...

7.6 Good
sudden fear title

Sudden Fear (1952) [Cohen Collection essential DVD review]

Sudden Fear is one of those movies that was a big hit when it first hit theaters. Then, it fell out of favor with the mainstream over the next few decades. Kino and other outlets did their best to bri...

8.2 Great

Saturday Night Live and Dolly Parton rock Time Life Christmas 2020

Saturday Night Live: The Early Years is a collection of 33 episodes across the first 5 years of SNL. While Peacock might have all the episodes available to watch however you want to check them out, th...

7.4 Good
arthur and merlin dvd december 2020 lightning round

December 2020 DVD Reviews Dominate Mid-Month

Arthur & Merlin: Knight of Camelot was a movie I felt like I watched ages ago. That’s the problem with floating viewing schedules and Holidays and all that stuff. So, it ends up making Decem...

7.9 Good

MVD DVD Round-up [DVD reviews]

Navajo is a film that I didn’t know I wanted to see from MVD. While I heard about it while studying Oscar history, it’s one of those documentaries that always fell through the cracks. The ...

7 Good
scam republique world cinema dvd

Indiepix World Cinema DVD Review Cavalcade

Scam Republique is a World Cinema film from Cameroon about two kids that get caught up in internet theft. Using a Dengue Fever treatment to frame the reason for the crimes, the end result is pretty im...

7.9 Good

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