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terminator dark fate feat

Terminator: Dark Fate [4K UHD review]

Terminator: Dark Fate makes me long for the days of Genisys. If you would told the totally psyched 10 year old Anderson that he would hate Terminator movies, he would have asked you why you’re h...

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil is something crazy that only exists in this era of Peak Disney. When in any other point of time could Disney swing things as crazy as a Sleeping Beauty cinematic universe,...

Gemini Man poster

Gemini Man [4K Ultra HD review]

Gemini Man will probably get an Oscar nomination on Monday morning. What does that mean to you? Well, it means about as much as its box office take. Yet there’s still a faction of online readers...

Rambo 4K 2008 Christmas

AndersonVision’s 4K Christmas Reviews

It’s A Wonderful Life kicks off Christmas 4K coverage. It’s A Wonderful Life is a classic. While watching this past Holiday season, I realized something. Sure, the 4K restoration is glorio...


Angel Has Fallen 4K

The Has Fallen series didn’t connect with me until this film. Angel Has Fallen manages to make the right moves for those of us that haven’t gone past the Joel Silver mold of action movies....

Hobbs and Shaw 2

Hobbs & Shaw [4K Ultra HD review]

Hobbs & Shaw is what happens when you mix Moana with MasterChef. Plus, Ibris Elba shows up to make your local Barnes & Noble clerk moist. I know this because Rebecca felt like she had to share...

daybreakers title

Daybreakers [4K UHD review]

Daybreakers is a movie that I used to watch a lot. But, then it faded from memory. The concept is neat about vampires having to harvest humans to find a synthetic blood substitute. Playing with concep...

Charlie's Angels title

Charlie’s Angels (4K Ultra HD)

Charlie’s Angels finally arrives in 4K. It’s weird to bring up how big this film landed in 2000. But, I have a feeling that anything older than 6 years is hard to explain to most modern ki...

Yesterday 2019 poster

Yesterday [4K Review]

Yesterday is pretty easy to forget. Yesterday is a film that played odd. Yeah, I get that British rom com style fantasies attract a certain degree of weirdness. After watching Richard Curtis make the ...

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