DVD Thoughts: Revelation of Lee Scratch Perry, Dick Cavett Show Inside the Minds Vol. 2, Nude Area & more!

The Revelation of Lee “Scratch” Perry is another documentary that is going to piss off 10% of the readership. They love Lee Perry and can’t handle my casual indifference. As I try to break out of my wheelhouse, my brain reconciles aspects of the material and tries to push forward. The heavy religious underpinnings of the album and DVD are pretty strong. But, I couldn’t find any sense of balance. Oh well, just be glad that I don’t work at Pitchfork.

Revelation of Lee Scratch Perry is available now!

Dick Cavett Show: Inside The Minds Vol. 2 continues Dick Cavett’s serious talks with famous comedians. Steve Martin, George Carlin and Martin Mull sit down with Cavett in his syndicated and public broadcasting years to discuss their work and where they were going in the 90s. Even with two spots from Carlin, it’s amazing the ground that Cavett can cover in a 2 year period. Stunning work.

Dick Cavett Show Inside the Minds Vol. 2 is available now!

Nude Area is a series of fifteen vignettes about sensuality and love in Amsterdam. From there, two women grow and discover themselves in the confines of a female-only sauna. If you’re a teenager looking for something titillating, then this might not be for you. It’s rare to see a lesbian love affair that doesn’t turn into Blue is the Warmest Color. That’s not to crap on that film, however I super enjoy the maturity on display here.

Nude Area is available Feb 12th!

Ferahfeza is a movie about a Turkish weirdo that wants to move on from working with his dad. He obsesses with a lady and then dreams of a boat to leave his life. From there, it’s 97 minutes of bouncing around dramatic cliche while young people try to find themselves. A bonus short film is included from the same director, but none of it really will win over a wider audience.

Ferahfeza is available Feb 26th!

Moko Jumbie is a gothic love story about two punks on a coconut plantation trying to make their way. An English girl falls in love with Afro-Caribbean boy that might be into voodoo and other stuff. Her family forbids it, but that’s what leads them to getting together. It’s quite the odd film to watch during Valentine’s Day. From there, I’d recommend checking it out and making sure you listen to the commentary.

Moke Jumbie is available Feb 12th!

Narcissister Organ Player is a documentary about a mixed-media artist that loves performance art. While I heard of Narcissister from art friends, I wasn’t familiar with her work in the slightest. So, while I normally don’t go crazy for step by step documentaries like this…it helped in a way that a Wiki page wouldn’t do the job. I’m a big fan of the Film Movement documentaries, but this might be my favorite of 2019.

Narcissister Organ Player is available Feb 19th!

Dick Cavett Show Minds

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