“Return of the Living Dead 3” tries to do something ambitious within the world of “Return of the Living Dead”. It wants to break away to show a smaller story set against a larger backdrop of a zombie infested world. The military wants to use the Zombie creating chemical/gas (Trioxin) to make a new series of super soldiers. Two teens dare to expose the abuse, but they ultimately have to use Trioxin to save the life of the female one. Now, will these two lovebirds be able to keep their love alive when one eats brains?

Many horror purists consider this film to be one of the best zombie tales of the last 30 years. I love Yuzna, but it took a steadfast modern viewing to change my mind. When I was growing up, everything “Return of the Living Dead” related annoyed me. Hell, the first movie made its bones nuking my hometown. It’s just that as a Romero fan, this entire franchise felt like it was built out of a petty legal squabble. It was only with the third film that I saw the potential for something greater to be created.

Naturally, this is the movie that killed the franchise. While we spend this Thanksgiving looking back on horror history, I ask that you ignore your families and give this film another shot. Between the fun Sarah Douglas supporting role and the interesting zombie designs, there is a ton to enjoy here. Plus, Melinda Clarke has quite the interesting zombie makeup design. You don’t see many zombies looking like this in the modern era.


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RELEASE DATE: 11/22/16

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The Plot Thus Far

Having recently witnessed the horrific results of a top secret project to bring the dead back to life, a distraught youth performs the operation on his girlfriend after she’s killed in a motorcycle accident.

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