“This season’s biggest newcomer” (TV Guide.com) makes its electrifying DVD debut when NCIS: LOS ANGELES – THE FIRST SEASON arrives on DVD August 31 from CBS Home Entertainment and Paramount Home Entertainment.

The action-packed spinoff was the #1 new scripted series of the season and the #2 scripted drama on television, behind only the original “NCIS.”*  NCIS: LOS ANGELES also ranked as CBS’s most-watched series debut in five years and averaged over 16.6 million viewers per week.*   Available in a six-disc set, the freshman season is loaded with special features including interviews with cast and crew members, a featurette on how and why the show was created, an insider’s look into the show’s Ops Center and what goes into creating the sensational visuals, an in-depth breakdown of the dangerous stunts and a set tour with the production designer.

NCIS: LOS ANGELES follows the high-stakes world of the Office of Special Projects (OSP), a division of NCIS responsible for apprehending dangerous and elusive criminals posing a threat to national security.  Chris O’Donnell and LL COOL J star as Special Agents “G” Callen and Sam Hanna, close-knit partners who work together to get the job done.  Callen is a chameleon who transforms himself into anyone he needs to be to infiltrate the dangerous criminal underworld and surveillance expert Hanna uses state of the art monitoring equipment to look out for those in the field and feed them crucial information.  Together these two lead an elite team of agents, going deep undercover and putting their lives on the line to bring down their targets. 
NCIS: LOS ANGELES also stars Linda Hunt, Peter Cambor, Daniela Ruah, Adam Jamal Craig and Barrett Foa.

NCIS: LOS ANGELES – THE FIRST SEASON includes all 24 breathtaking episodes from the premiere season, plus Parts 1 and 2 of the crossover episode “Legend” from “NCIS,” which first introduced viewers to the Los Angeles team, and a host of behind-the-scenes special features.  The six-disc set will be available for the suggested retail price of $64.99 US and $68.99 CAN and is presented in 16×9 Widescreen with English 5.1, English Stereo and English, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese subtitles.  The DVD is not rated in the U.S. and rated PG in Canada.  The total running time is approximately 1,110 minutes.  The disc breakdown is as follows:

Disc One:

•  Identity (includes commentary by Shane Brennan)

•  The Only Easy Day

•  Special Features:

•  Legend (Part 1)

•  Legend (Part 2)

Disc Two:

•  Predator

•  Search and Destroy

•  Killshot

•  Keepin’ It Real

Disc Three:

•  Pushback

•  Ambush

•  Random On Purpose

•  Brimstone

•  Breach

Disc Four:

•  Past Lives

•  Missing

•  LD50

•  The Bank Job

•  Chinatown

Disc Five:

•  Full Throttle

•  Blood Brothers

•  Hand To Hand

•  Fame

•  Found

Disc Six:

•  Hunted

•  Burned

•  Callen, G

•  Special Features:

•  Inspired Television: NCIS: LA-Featurette on how and 
why the new hit show was created

•  The L.A. Team: Meet the Cast and Crew-The cast and
crew discuss the new series and their freshman year

•  Inside the Inner Sanctum: The Set Tour-Production
designer Thomas Fichter takes viewers on a tour of
the new sets

•  Do You Have a Visual? Inside the OPS Center
Featurette on the show’s Ops Center and what goes
into creating the unique visuals

•  Lights, Camera…ACTION! The Stunts of NCIS: LA-An
in-depth look at the dangerous stunts shown in the



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