When a property in the Sonoran Desert, AZ, fell into default foreclosure and went up for public auction, an eager young newlywed couple jumped at the opportunity to purchase. Little did they know it used to be a torture ground owned by the serial killer “Motorman Dan” whose crimes became the most puzzling in U.S. history. Now, their honeymoon phase has come to a horrifying halt, as the Motorman rises for one more round of terror.


The film is about a crazy serial killer whom happens to be a mechanic living out in the desert.  He gets off on masturbating to newspaper articles about his killing or viewing other people kill other people and so on.  Well his victims usually find their way to him and his garage, where he ends up doing what he wishes with them. However on his way out one night he hits and injures a nearby motorist whom is having car trouble.  This guy dubbed Motorman Dan eventually got his just desserts and now we have a new couple moving into his old haunt. The murders start again. Ghosts or some shit make for quick scares. There are a few tits, though.

What does this movie want to be? It’s a sequel to what seemed like a straight out horror movie. Now, we’ve got this turd back again on DVD. The actors looked bored and the FX are very tired. You’ll find yourself checking your watch only twenty minutes into the movie. What’s crazier is that someone thought this movie warranted a sequel.

The DVD comes with a look behind the scenes and a trailer gallery. Outside of that, there’s nothing. Sure, the A/V Quality is pretty impressive for a straight to video horror film. It’s just that I wanted something that was actually scary. Oh well, this will find a home among the bottom rung of many dollar bins.

RELEASE DATE: 11/24/09

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