The Bible Belt is far more punk than you.

Meet The Dirty Works.

“Rebel Scum” takes us through two year of the Knoxville Punk scene. The Dirty Works bounces in and out of the Tennessee state capitol, while playing music that would make GG Allin proud. Not everybody in the scene is clean, as addiction and mental dysfunction tend to spur music and ruin lives. If you want struggle, you get to feel the struggle throughout every step of their journey.

The film focuses on the frontman Christopher Scum almost to the detriment of the other band members. They talk about the music and how Knoxville feeds their sound. But, Scum demands so much focus with his issues. A lot of fellow viewers wanted to compare it to Anvil, but that wasn’t fair. Anvil almost seems fake compared to this release.

The DVD comes with a music video, footage from the Atlanta premiere, NPR coverage, a featurette and trailers as the special features. The A/V Quality is standard for music documentaries. Since it seems like it wasn’t released a feature, I’m not stunned to see it not look amazing. But, I appreciate a degree of grit in these kinds of shows. In the end, I’d recommend a purchase.

RELEASE DATE: 11/24/2015

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