Urban Cowboy 40th Blu-ray

Urban Cowboy

Bud is a young man from the country who learns about life and love in a Houston bar.

8 Great
Eddie Macon's Run blu-ray

Eddie Macon’s Run Blu-ray review

Eddie Macon’s Run is the kind of movie that only 1983 can make. Playing with the kind of action and edits only available in the 1980s while forcing the generational issues of the 1970s, it’...

7.5 Good
corvette summer title

Corvette Summer: The Last Jedi Apprentice Prostitute [Review]

Corvette Summer is the film that Mark Hamill did immediately after A New Hope. It’s no Sarah T, but what is? When dealing with the movies that arrived in Episode IV’s aftermath, it’s...

7.8 Good
the manitou shout factory blu-ray title

The Manitou has been a 15 year running gag [Review]

The Manitou has been a recurring joke for years to the writers and friends of the site. Originally starting as a running gag on an undead movie site, it’s been nice to see the cult of the Manito...

7.7 Good

Krull (Retro VHS) (1983)

Journey into a mystical time and place that belongs to neither the past nor the present, where extraordinary creatures of myth work their incredible magic, and where a horrific, omnipotent Beast is th...

7.7 Good


A young soldier killed in Vietnam inexplicably shows up to his family home one night.

8.2 Great
incredible shrinking woman title


THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING WOMAN REVIEWED “The Incredible Shrinking Woman” always looked like it was shot under a coat of Vaseline. While I grew up watching the movie on HBO, I didn’t ...

8.2 Great

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