“Quantico” follows Alex Parrish and the new Agents in Training at FBI Base. It’s a fun show until the show jumps to the present. Alex has been accused of masterminding a deadly terror attack. Now, she teams up with her fellow NAT graduates to solve what happened. Her fellow agents look like a colorful cross-section of America. The idea that such teams could exist at the FBI should give someone hope.

Honestly, the show wouldn’t work if Chopra wasn’t such a capable lead. ABC again proves that all it takes is a strong lead to make a mediocre show palpable. I like the show plays with parallel timelines ala “Lost”. That being said, nothing that happens is that interesting. Whether it’s Jack Bauer or the Gladiators, we’ve seen this kind of government intrigue before. Why does it feel like modern TV has about the same 12 plots and we’re watching them get recycled to infinity?

That being said, I do like that ABC had the guts to go with Chopra as the lead. I could already see potential thinkpieces being written given the tone of the series. But, it seems that many people played it down. Good on the Buzzfeed folks.


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The Plot Thus Far

Television’s most riveting mystery unfurls against a backdrop of steamy seduction, maddening conspiracies and nerve-shattering suspense in ABC’s QUANTICO: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON. People’s Choice Award winner Priyanka Chopra (Favorite Actress In A New TV Series, 2016) stars as Alex Parrish, one of a diverse group of young recruits at the FBI Quantico Base. Despite intriguing personal secrets and complicated pasts, Alex and her fellow “NATs” (New Agents In Training) are the best, brightest, most thoroughly vetted candidates in the U.S., so it seems impossible that one of them could be a traitor. However, when Alex is framed for masterminding the most lethal attack on New York City since 9/11, she must race against time — and betray her closest friends and colleagues — to somehow identify the real culprit and prevent further carnage… because the bomber appears to be working from inside the Bureau. Revel in the thrill of the chase with all 22 action-packed episodes — plus captivating bonus features — that let you navigate the dangerous labyrinth of twists and turns that is QUANTICO.


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