Puss In Boots to host Jeopardy April 28th, 2015!

Puss In Boots to host Jeopardy April 28th, 2015! 1

Today, April 28, Puss In Boots will be the first CG-animated character ever to host a full category on “Jeopardy!”


Puss In Boots is the first CG-animated character ever to be asked to be a guest — the luminaries who have hosted categories are impressive, from First Lady Michelle Obama to the cast of Wicked to Neil deGrasse Tyson and many others … but Puss is an animated first!


On May 8, The Adventures of Puss in Boots returns to Netflix. In these new episodes, Puss and Dulcinea embark on an adventure to find the Fountain of Youth to save Puss’ old mentor, El Guante Blanco. When Dulcinea becomes enchanted with new powers, Puss helps her learn how to control her newfound strength.

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