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Psychological Thriller Loop Track Follows Anxious Hiker’s Spiral into Madness

The official trailer has arrived for the chilling thriller Loop Track, coming to digital platforms and VOD on December 1st courtesy of Dark Sky Films. Writer-director Thomas Sainsbury’s latest explores paranoia and survival when a hiking trip goes horribly awry.

Loop Track stars Sainsbury as Ian, a highly anxious man who journeys into the New Zealand wilderness seeking clarity. But solitude eludes him as he crosses paths with fellow hikers, growing convinced that a sinister force stalks them.

As Ian’s grip on reality unravels, his unsettling behavior puts the group on edge. Far from civilization, he plunges into a bloody battle for survival against threats both external and self-created.

Sainsbury directs from his own script, having honed his voice for psychological horror in previous films like The Dead Lands and Six Minutes to Midnight. Shot on location in New Zealand, Loop Track promises a tense trek into madness and terror.

Psychological Thriller Loop Track Follows Anxious Hiker's Spiral into Madness 1

The cast also includes Hayden J. Weal and Tawanda Manyimo as hikers who inadvertently fall into Ian’s downward spiral. Look for Loop Track when it arrives on digital VOD services December 1st.

With Sainsbury back exploring the horrors of isolation, this wilderness shocker aims to leave viewers equally unsettled.

Don’t get lost in the paranoid descent when Loop Track comes to digital this December.

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