“Protocol” is a movie that I completely forgot. I knew it came out. I used to have it on a weird massive VHS recording of “Private Benjamin”, “Swing Shift” and “Protocol”. Somehow, I always ended up watching Wildcats instead of finishing the third movie on the set. Why is that? Well, it was in the middle of the Goldie Hawn/Nancy Meyers woman power movies of the early 1980s. What makes that funnier is the film was directed by Herbert Ross. To understand the humor of that, feel free to google anything about Herbert Ross and the women he directed.

While this film features Goldie Hawn as a dive bar waitress suddenly thrust into the national limelight, there’s a ton of creepiness under the surface. Basically, she foils an assassination attempt on a fictional Middle Eastern ruler. Now, the ruler is demanding that the US Government give her to him. The US goes along with this, as the trade will allow them to build a base in the Ruler’s country. The remainder of the film dashes between Capra sentiment and the fact that the Government is prostituting a woman for a military base. I mean, if it was Oil…that would be one thing.

Watch it with a Snowflake. It’ll be better than MST3K.


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