Project Blue Book Season 1: Thrills Some Amuses Others [Review]

Project Blue Book Season 1: Thrills Some Amuses Others [Review] 1

Project Blue Book: Season 1 comes to Blu-ray and I kinda see the appeal. It’s need to have a real world X-Files that makes use of facts to try and color up something fun. However, it falls in the same pitfalls that maligned previous History Channel efforts. So, why can I enjoy something like Manhattan or Underground on WGN, but not this?

History Channel has this stigma upon it that I couldn’t imagine existing in a million year. Well, I couldn’t imagine it roughly a decade ago. Now, it’s a cultural race to the bottom to keep the most eyes on the screen. Aiden Gillen is great, plus I always appreciate a solid Neal McDonough bit role. However, there’s not enough going on to warrant a continuing series.

Project Blue BookProject Blue Book Season 1 special features

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