After 17 years in captivity, three Israeli soldiers are finally returned to their families: one of them in a coffin. The first season of this award-winning and controversial series follows the former captives and their families as they try to reconnect with each other. But the adjustment is painful, and when secrets of the years gone by begin coming to light, betrayal, resentment and suspicion threaten to destroy their lives all over again.

This deeply moving, intense and thrilling series was adapted into the acclaimed drama Homeland.


“Prisoners of War” focuses on three Israeli Defense Force soldiers who were kidnapped for 17 years. 2 return alive and one has been killed, but something isn’t matching up. An Israeli investigator is starting to realize that their stories don’t match up and misdeeds are suspected. Congrats if you were able to piece together that this is the program that inspired “Homeland”. That being said, this show is far more emotional. You care about the families being reformed and what being a turncoat could mean to this rebuilding process.

TV shows and films about turned traitors are always a hard push. Especially when it comes to military forces, who people want to portray as being unquestioned heroes. The difficulties and trauma of being a Prisoner of War always ends up taking center stage when Americans try to tackle the matter. But, I enjoy the fact that Israeli TV was able to stop and examine what it takes to break a person to do your bidding. In this first season, there is no concrete proof that any of the soldiers were broken. However, the balancing act of breaking one’s will is insanely fascinating.

The DVD comes with interviews and commentaries as the special features. The A/V Quality is pretty strong for a recent TV series. However, the transfer feels like it’s desaturated a bit. The Dolby track is pretty expansive for a foreign production. In the end, I’d recommend a purchase.

RELEASE DATE: 07/08/2014

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