Princess Mononoke impresses with an impeccable Collector’s Edition [Review]

Princess Mononoke impresses with an impeccable Collector's Edition [Review] 3

Princess Mononoke gets a stellar Collector’s Edition release from GKIDS and Shout Factory. When you pick up the over-size set, you’ll wonder what lead to the additional girth. That would be the 40 page book and CD soundtrack stuffed into the mix. Some might cry about having to listen to music on a physical disc. Those people should be worrying about other things, but let’s move onto the movie.

Studio Ghibli has two modes. Swing for the fences classics and deep cult fan favorite classics. Princess Mononoke was a monster hit in Japan and served as many fans entry point to the wider Miyazaki universe. Released by Studio Ghibli in 1997, many younger fans won’t realize the long journey it took to bring the film to America. Hell, I can still remember the Miramax controversy when the Weinsteins tried to cut the movie to make it US friendly. I still don’t forgive that fat bozo for what he did to Hero.

The special features are comparable to the earlier release from Disney. Still, I’m digging these GKids packages. I don’t get why Ghibli didn’t have a strong partner releasing their films in America before now. Don’t worry, kids…both audio option are available. I dig the celebrity dubs, but it’s important to have the original Princess Mononoke audio available for the purists.

Still, releases like this are why I love physical media. Being box sets with ornate decoration are what makes physical media awesome. When a home entertainment releasing house just drops a standard release, it feels lame. If you’re going to bring a fan-loved film into private household environments, give these people something they will cherish.

Hell, I still keep my Wooden DVD box for The Wicker Man. Anchor Bay isn’t a company anymore and I still adore my special copy. Pick this one up for a Ghibli fan in your life.

Princess Mononoke arrives on May 14th!

Princess Mononoke

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