Navigating the rocky road to true love can be difficult. Inevitably, you’ll hit some speed bumps. Have you ever been stuck with the bill on the first date? Had a guy talk your ear off about his science fiction obsession? Went out with a guy who bathed in cologne? Well, if you think your story is the best of the worst, log on to starting January 4 and spill the dirt.


Your worst date could turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to you when you enter SOAPnet’s “The Best Worst Date Contest” for a chance to win your own “Virtual Boyfriend” for a year.


The winner will receive a Virtual Boyfriend for a year, which comes with deliveries like flowers, candy and jewelry all year long. Plus, compliments will be texted to your cell phone. It’s all the romantic perks of a boyfriend, without any of the hassles and headaches. The Contest is Part of SOAPnet’s “Sugar-Free Valentine’s,” A Six-Week Programming Event With Romance-Themed Entertainment



Details, rules and regulations can be found at , starting January 4 and ending February 14.




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