When a powerful weapon called the Aurora Box gives mutants Bluefur, Bigs and new dream-eating monster Dream Snatcher one hundred times their normal strength, it’s up to Troy, Noah, Emma, Gia and Jake to stop their destructive rampage! And when evil robots Metal Alice and Rotox attack, the Power Rangers must rely on Robo Knight and new ally Rico the Robot to prove that humans and robots can work together!


“Ultra Defenders” focuses on a powerful weapon called The Aurora Box. Basically, it makes all of the bad guys one hundred times more powerful and they begin to throw down. Rico the Robot shows up and it’s not long before they start smashing skulls. Honestly, I never got why Saban never went all Axe Cop on this stuff. Why shouldn’t you play the material for being insane? Kids like crazy and nobody treats these weird shows like insane pieces of pop art!

The Power Rangers have been around for about twenty years and they always play like a fake serious kid show. If you’re going to make American kids were gay pride bicycling body suits, then play it up. They’re going to Karate chop killer robots?!? WHY NOT PLAY IT TO THE BACK OF THE ROOM!?! The lack of imagination on display in modern entertainment always leaves me scratching my head. What happened to the Pink Ranger? The real one? I can’t keep up with this and everything I see makes me feel old. Why am I watching this?

The DVD comes with a character gallery as the sole special feature. The A/V Quality is pretty sharp for a Power Rangers compilation. That being said, it’s still a standard definition transfer. The Dolby track is pretty flat. In the end, I’d recommend a purchase to small kids.

RELEASE DATE: 06/17/2014

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