Watch as Pororo’s dreams come true when he participates in the ultimate Super Sled race with his friends.


“Pororo’s Racing Adventure” was a big deal in Korea. Unfortunately, the release comes to America in a dumbed down version with dubbed sound effects. The movie runs about 77 minutes, but I have a hard time seeing any kid sticking with it that long. There’s no compelling action unless your kid has a thing for penguins. Don’t laugh, I know several kids that worship Polar Bears and eagerly await new Coca Cola ads like it is the second coming.

Napoleon Dynamite and Rob Schneider lead the cast to a watery grave. I wish I had a better analogy for terrible voice acting, but I’m coming up short on all regards. This movie was aggressively dumb, that it almost felt like a hate crime against the original Korean/Chinese animators. But, I guess that they’re getting hate crimed all the way to the bank. It’s not like this is the first time that a Wal-Mart exclusive has gone this way. It’s just that if you have something that wasn’t terrible to begin with, then please try to not cock it all up. There were talented people who worked on the original film and they deserve to have their art seen. But, I have to remind myself that we’re talking about a racing penguin movie for shit’s sake.

The DVD comes with featurettes and mini-shorts. The A/V Quality is on par with most DTV animation. However, this was a big deal release in Korea and other Asian countries. I’ve seen a 3D Blu-Ray release that doubled with an Asian PS3 promotion. Wal-Mart got this one as an exclusive back in the Winter, but now everyone can buy it. Plus, you don’t have to go inside that retail hellhole.

RELEASE DATE: 10/07/2014

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