Join Poppy Cat and her friends as they embark on extraordinary adventures through fantastical lands. Seen through the eyes of Poppy’s imaginative young owner, a little girl called Lara, each episode tells the tale of a very special cat and her colorful band of friends.


“Poppy Cat: Birthday Treasure” is a collection of seven episodes all dealing with birthdays and venturing into fantasy. A treasure map can lead anywhere, but we see just what a little girl can imagine for Poppy Cat. Poppy Cat feels like a throwback character, but sports enough personality to stand toe-to-toe with its contemporaries. Far better than most of the toy commercials disguised as animated series now.

I’m surprised that I never heard of Poppy Cat until now. The character is fun without playing down in that condescending Nick Jr manner. I get that Dora is supposed to encourage the kids by talking to them, but she says out like a slightly deaf girl trying to teach people a foreign language. The constant raising of voices is gone, as Poppy Cat wants to create a narrative that shows the powers of imagination. The rest of the plots are pretty standard, but the kids don’t care. Remember, people…it’s all new for the Preschool crowd. That is unless you’ve got the Hipster kid that says everything is derivative. I hate that Hipster kid and his stupid parents. It’s always a little boy and the kid’s got a name like Alain, Dexter or fill in random Beat poet reject. Poppy Cat spits on those kids.

The DVD comes with no special features. The A/V Quality is pretty strong. The transfer is clean, but the Dolby track doesn’t get a ton of back channel support. Ultimately, it’s a pretty standard kiddie series sent to DVD. In the end, I’d recommend a purchase to the curious.


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