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Playing with Fire is how a Rob Gronkowski vehicle turns into a John Cena one. That’s a fun bit trivia, but it tells you nothing about the film. Well, an outdoor fire crew rescues three kids caught in a wildfire. Now, the trio has to put up with the grown men while waiting for their parents to return. Given it’s ties to Nickelodeon, it’s only a matter of time before Barf hears something and one of the kids gets slimed. Dear Lord, I’m getting old.

I dig family friendly movies. That’s a weird thing to say in 2020, but they are super difficult to create. Too often creators are tempted to make garbage that they think appeals to kids. Then, there is the ever-pressing desire to make something that well sell. After all, if you can’t get all of the kids…at least you can get the fast food tie-in.

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Brianna Hildebrand is the best among the kid actors. Most of you will remember her from the Deadpool series and Tragedy Girls. I didn’t know how young she was, but I’ll buy anything if Andrea from 90210 could play a teenager until she was in her late 40s. Anyways, this film feels like a throwback at times.

You know those goofy live-action Disney flicks that littered the late 70s? Thin premises that would later populate early premium cable? Well, sometimes you don’t need to reinvent the wheel for kid movies. Sometimes, you just need John Cena as a stern father figure keeping kids from dying. I still wonder what Gronk would have done with the material.

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The Paramount Blu-ray comes with special features ranging from deleted scenes, bloopers and outtakes. Plus, you get Storytime with John Cena. Who doesn’t like a muscle bound dude reading you a story? Don’t read into that. I’d recommend a purchase.

Playing with Fire is now available.

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