We just wanted to inform you that the award-winning ‘P.J.’ DVD (including Best Feature/Best Actress) is now available for pre-order.  The DVD itself will be out in the stores on February 10, 2009.


You can purchase on Amazon.com at (please also write a customer review if you have already seen the film – you must have purchased something from Amazon first):



Starring John Heard, Howard Nash, Patricia Rae, Vincent Pastore, Hallie Eisenberg and Robert Picardo, this dual-layer DVD (distributed domestically by Cinema Epoch and Koch Entertainment), will have much more than just the 90 minute film.  There are multiple Special Features, including:


  1. 85-Minute Audio Commentary with producer Howard Nash, director Russ Emanuel and composer Neil Argo.


  1. 23-Minute Behind-The-Scenes Documentary (including the New York and Los Angeles portions of the shoot and the live orchestra recording).


  1. 6-Minute Behind-The-Scenes Video of the theatrical premiere on November 7, 2008.


  1. Various Deleted Scenes


  1. Various Outtakes/Bloopers


  1. 4-Minute Genesis of the Film from the Original 1980s Play – as told by playwright Mark McQuown


  1. Official Trailer


We hope you will take the time to purchase a DVD, especially by January 13, and spread the word about our wonderful film, on which all of us worked so very hard.


Also, if you have seen the film, please take the time to go to our ‘P.J.’ IMDb Page to Rate the film and post a User Comment.  You must first register to do so – it is quick, easy and free.  The ‘P.J.’ IMDb Page is at:



Again, thank you for your continued support (and to the ‘P.J.’ cast & crew).   We hope you enjoy the film!


Howard Nash & Russ Emanuel

Producer             Director

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