The third “Perry Mason” television movie for the 1987-88 season deals with the events surrounding a woman who suddenly disappears after an early morning walk. When her husband is accused of murder, Perry Mason is called in to defend him and uncovers a kidnapping/murder conspiracy.

Also, there’s a case about a Lethal Lesson or something.


“Lady in the Lake” and “Lethal Lesson” are some early TV movie cases, but they’re still the same thing. Women disappear, dudes do dirt dog stuff and your grandparents hang on Burr’s every word. This is a series that I’m starting to learn hinges on your ability to have enjoyed the original series. The show only came back in TV movie form due to the resurgence in elderly TV watching habits, as Cable TV and broadcast habits began to frame their choices. Sure, FOX was the antithesis of this argument, but Perry Mason belonged on NBC during the TV movie run. The home of the Golden Girls, Matlock and the Return to Mayberry TV movie. The Peacock Network knew what your granny liked and granny liked legal dramas that were easy to follow.

Raymond Burr is a solid lead and he knows the character. That being said, it is very hard to give a damn about the same thing in repetition. That being said, it’s friendly, familiar and repeating for older people that need some stability. I guess that means something for them. It gives me the fits. It’s not that every legal drama created has to say something new about everything. However, there needs to be a reason to watch it.

The DVD comes with no special features. The A/V Quality is very typical. There’s nothing special about it. That being said, it works for what it is. In the end, I’d recommend a purchase to fans.

RELEASE DATE: 09/09/2014

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