The case continues as Perry Mason, America’s foremost defense attorney, fights to prove his clients’ innocence by using his intense focus and passion for justice. With the help of Della Street (Barbara Hale), Paul Drake, Jr. (William Katt), and newcomer Ken Malansky (William R. Moses), Perry takes on blackmail, murder, and more. From tabloids to tennis, from law school to lumberjacks, the team has their hands full as Perry attempts to uncover the truth and clear his clients’ names in these captivating movies! Includes: “The Case Of The Scandalous Scoundrel” and “The Case Of The Avenging Ace”.


“The Scandalous Scoundrel” and “The Avenging Ace” are two cases dedicated to the latest shenanigans for the Mason team. Patty Duke, David Ogden Stiers and Robert Guillaume show up in tales about tabloids and trouble with the Air Force. Somebody’s always betraying somebody else and nobody knows who is on the up and up. Like most modern crime shows, it is usually the guest star that will only be on this one episode. It’s amazing how that works out, huh? For some reason, it can’t ever be the third guy from the left.

Raymond Burr is a solid lead and he knows the character. That being said, it is very hard to give a damn about the same thing in repetition. That being said, it’s friendly, familiar and repeating for older people that need some stability. I guess that means something for them. It gives me the fits. It’s not that every legal drama created has to say something new about everything. However, there needs to be a reason to watch it.

The DVD comes with no special features. The A/V Quality is very typical. There’s nothing special about it. That being said, it works for what it is. In the end, I’d recommend a purchase to fans.

RELEASE DATE: 09/09/2014

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