Kids will love watching these 10 fun-filled episodes featuring, Muddy Puddles, Mr. Dinosaur is Lost, Polly Parrot, Best Friend, Hide and Seek, The Playgroup, Mummy Pig at Work, Camping, Gardening and Bicycles.


“Muddy Puddles” is a classic compilation of some amazing Peppa Pig episodes. My kid loves it, so I’m quite used to watching this show on a loop. That being said, not a ton changes from episode to episode. The show also skews quite short for parents that are able to get their kids to sit in front of a TV for a bit. I’ve got snow shoveling to do and the show’s over before I get the sidewalk finished. That won’t do, pig.

Peppa Pig is cute and friendly for an audience that has a thin attention span. That being said, the repetitive nature of the show’s lessons and recycled plots doesn’t provide for repeated viewings. The issue with that is a parent is never going to know what created repeated viewings for their kid. My daughter won’t stop watching “Lil’ Vinnie’s Art” and we have no idea why. The Peppa Pig stuff is cute, but I don’t see anything that differentiates it from the onslaught of other kiddie stuff. It plays young enough that my daughter could enjoy it. But, what’s to keep her from just watching it on demand? The lack of motor skills? Please…she can find the DirecTV channel for Nick Jr. However, she prefers to keep it on BabyFirstTV. I’m not shilling for BabyFirst, I’m just commenting on how that tends to be her preference. Hop on the ball, Nick.

The DVD comes with two bonus episodes as the special features. But, I’m counting them towards the overall total. The transfer holds up for standard definition. However, I found the 2.0 stereo track to be very lossy. Still, it’s worth a purchase to the curious.

RELEASE DATE: 03/10/2015

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