There is no better example of today’s pawnbrokers than the Harrison family’s Gold and Silver Pawn shop on the outskirts of Las Vegas – the modern day Mecca for people in need of quick cash. Three generations of Harrison men clash with friendly camaraderie over items from classic cars to samurai swords. Here, everything has a history, and everything has a price. And you never know what’s going to walk through the door. PAWN STARS: VOLUME 4 features 16 episodes never-before released on DVD including a wide variety of eclectic items for the Harrisons to haggle over like Colonel Sanders’ suit, a competition dragster racecar and an Abraham Lincoln campaign ribbon.


“The Old Man” is the perpetually crotchety grandfather who knows best and never lets anyone else know otherwise; son Rick, with a welcoming smile and a hearty nicotine chuckle, is the gruff-but-fair owner and the show’s main representative to viewers; grandson Corey, who has little patience with anyone around him, is the sour apple of the bunch, rude and annoying in some ways, but in others, refreshing, as he is far from TV-friendly casting. Then there’s Chumlee, the official comic relief, stupid and silly but kind at heart.

The fourth volume presents the same ol’ situation. Idiots come in to sell their valuables, while I scream at them from viewerland. Sixteen episodes are presented here and I believe this is the first Pawn Stars release not to get bonus footage. I guess that they assume everything gets used from this point on. I was thinking that they just rebrand it for Cajun Pawn Stars or the insane number of genre lifts.

The DVD comes with no special features. You only get sixteen episodes in this volume. The A/V Quality is sharp enough for recent TV on DVD. Yet, the Dolby surround track never ups the ante on anything outside of dialogue. If you love the show, then it’s worth a rental.


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