“Paterno” is the latest Levinson/Pacino TV-movie for HBO. Hell, it feels like a smack in the face to call it a TV-movie. This film could’ve competed on the theatrical circuit and been in Oscar contention. Hell, I think it still would be if it got a theatrical release. My point is that Pacino is finding himself again doing these focused character roles in the open sandbox that HBO provides older actors. What matters most is that it’s fair.

Everyone from Paterno to Sandusky to Sara Ganim are shown in a realistic light that portrays them equally for their parts in the scandal and how it was uncovered. Out of all the praise the film has received, I feel that Riley Keough still isn’t getting enough attention for the film. I enjoy what she’s doing with Soderbergh and it’s nice to see the heir to the Presley Throne continue to excel as an actor. Check it out.


  • About Paterno: Director Barry Levinson and stars Al Pacino and Riley Keough discuss the story behind the film and its perspective.
  • Joe Paterno’s Impact: Barry Levinson and Al Pacino talk about Joe Paterno’s responsibilities relating to the scandal.


  • 1.78:1 standard definition transfer
  • Dolby 5.1


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