Pat Boone and Family: Christmas & Thanksgiving Specials

Pat Boone and Family: Christmas & Thanksgiving Specials 1

Pat Boone and his family were big fans of the Christmas and Thanksgiving specials. Between 1978-1979, the Boone family made the best out of the ABC assets they were allowed to deploy. Hell, younger viewers will get to see The Hudson Brothers. Bonus points if you realize that the guy in the middle is Oliver and Kate Hudson’s estranged father. Oh look! Amusement park style costumed Hanna Barbara characters are following Pat Boone around while he sings.

MPI’s new DVD of the sets has put together the features for the first time on DVD. Plus, you get a new video interview and bonus materials tied to the Boone family. If you’re a fan of 70s Cult TV, this will do it for you. Somewhere between the stars of ABC 1979, the Pat Boone 50s friends and the general god-awfulness…your  mind will be blown. How was this something that could pass for Holiday entertainment?

Who am I kidding? In 40 years, people will be looking back on Michael Buble with the same regard.

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