“Passage to Mars” is so confusing that a novice audience will shut it off after 10 minutes. But, this documentary feels so real due to being cut from the actual notes of those that undertook the arctic journey. While mixing CG footage of what it will be like to put humans on Mars, we get a ton of celebrity voice-overs to narrate what all this means. As your eyes start to glaze over, you return to the real meat of the show. A team of NASA scientists and other high adventure types are daring to live in the Northwest Passage.

If they can find a way to cultivate life and sustain long enough, then NASA can gather the data needed to keep people alive on the Red Planet. But, the idiots in the crowd might bring up poor Matt Damon. That was a movie, even though it was grounded in hypothetical fact. For 95 minutes, I saw a wildly mixed documentary that feels like it should be able to birth a longer firm series. Scientific endeavors like this deserve our attention. Especially now, given certain elements in power.


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The Plot Thus Far

Before humans make it to Mars, they must conquer the Arctic. Passage to Mars is the incredible true story of six men who embark on a treacherous, 2,000-mile journey across the forbidding sea-ice of the Northwest Passage an alien voyage on planet Earth designed to prepare NASA astronauts for an eventual mission to Mars. But as an expedition that was supposed to take weeks stretches into a two-year odyssey, the crew must overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges and life-threatening conditions if they hope to realize their dream of someday reaching the Red Planet. This breathtaking adventure features narration by Zachary Quinto and special guest voice appearances by Buzz Aldrin and Academy Award nominee Charlotte Rampling.


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