Outrage Coda (2017)

Outrage Coda (2017) 1
Outrage Coda (2017) - Outrage 3 (2017)

Outrage Coda made me think one thing. Is Beat Kitano retiring and he never told anyone? Every moment of this film feels like a master actor/director taking a last look at his beloved genre and backing down. Sure, his stoic Otomo gets some funny lines, but he is far more reserved than in either Outrage or Beyond. While checking out the trailers and documentary on the special features, it felt the same way. Also, it was nearly two hours long? The film blazes past so fast that it felt like it was maybe an hour tops.

Were you expecting more? Well, sometimes these films don’t grab me the same way. Honestly, I feel like it was a weak entry to get a standalone release in America. If anything, it could have stood to been bundled in a trilogy set.

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