Director: Charlie McDowell
Writer: Justin Lader
Cast: Mark Duplass, Elisabeth Moss, Ted Danson, Marlee Matlin and Mary Steenburgen
Studio: Radius-TWC

“The One I Love” begins with a therapist pushing a couple to take some time off at a remote country estate. They head out there and then they start to notice a small cottage in the back yard. Only one person can enter at a time and the therapist makes a big deal about signing the guest book. Everything’s going great, as each partner starts acting like how the other wants. Unfortunately, it’s out of sync and Mark Duplass’s character takes note first.

This is the kind of movie that inspires me and shows that excellent writing is not dead in the American cinema. Ethan and Sophie are amazing characters that feel as normal as anybody you would meet on the street. However, it comes down to the fact that they are thrown in a situation outside of their control. If presented with an identical twin of your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/partner…do you feel comfortable enough in your ability to tell the difference? What if they just had an honest change of heart? What if they were on drugs? What if someone was earnestly screwing with you?

Coupling is such a strange thing to put onscreen, but interpersonal relationships are the fundamental building blocks of society. The trust that we place on relationships like this is scary, especially when there are so many scenarios for it to be abused. The finale of the movie puts this question into play, as we realize that Ethan might have screwed up, but he’s cool with it. When you realize the true horror in doing something to your lover/life mate/spouse and not caring…that’s frightening. I appreciate it when I see movies that can take on that sort of material and make in uncomfortable in just the right way.


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