November Catch-up: DVD and Blu-ray reviews

Ambition 1 November

AndersonVision catches up on November

Yesterday was a lie november

Yesterday was a Lie

Yesterday was a Lie is a remastered take on the decade old film. Honestly, I felt like I’ve seen it before. I would have checked the archives, but currently I’m in the middle of reformatting the entire site. Kipleigh Brown leads this dark look at great cosmic secrets and the ever-looming shadow of Peter Mayhew. It’s an impressive film that mixes Sci-Fi and Noir on a level that rivals Dark City. Yeah, I went there. The special features include a commentary, trailers, featurettes, interviews and exclusive outtakes.

yellowstone season 2 november

Yellowstone: Season 2

Yellowstone returns with a second season of Kevin Costner setting things right. Alliances and violence rise up, as the Dutton family finds themselves drawn deeper down a dark path. While I know the show has a ton of fans, I don’t quite get it. Still, the Blu-ray is loaded with special features ranging from deleted scenes to literally every featurette known to man.

Light of My LifeLight of My Life

Light of My Life is finally letting Casey Affleck do what he does best. Well, the other thing he does best. That is acting like he was doped up on Downers and getting all Strasberg. This film takes place in a Dystopian future where a plague has killed almost all females. Now, a father has to disguise his daughter as a boy and hi-jinks ensues. Elisabeth Moss still has a role in all of this, as she’s becoming the scream queen of High-Concept Dystopia tales.

the wedding guest blu-ray screen

The Wedding Guest

The Wedding Guest is the latest film from Michael Winterbottom. It’s not often that we get a romantic comedy about a guy traveling across the world to kidnap a bride. After all, he loves her more and he intends to prove his love. What follows is a hunt for the truth and a living bride in New Delhi. Cultural misunderstandings have never been so dramatic as they are here! Honestly, it’s the best looking Winterbottom film I’ve seen on Blu-ray.

night hunter 1

Night Hunter

Henry Cavill apparently makes movies that don’t require the DCU or a moustache. Ben Kingsley plays a vigilante that wants to stop a serial killer. Well, more like serial rapist/killer. The movie isn’t strong enough to commit to what he does to the women before they die. But, the implication is there.

Either way it’s a standard thriller that serves as an alternate take on Batman v Superman. But, if Superman was still Superman and Batman was old as hell. Alexandra Daddario shows up to confirm her status as the most beautiful actress in the business. No special features, but you get a digital copy. You kids still like Digital, right?

Ambition 1


Robert Shaye is back in the horror game with Ambition. It’s fascinating to see a legendary producer take a shot at directing. However, I’m not quite sure what the film was supposed to be. It apes the recent trend of mentally charged head game movies. But, nothing in the plot or dialogue supports rolling that hard. The Blu-ray comes with no special features.

All titles covered were released in October and November. All are now available to buy!

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