No Postage Necessary is charming, but oh so quiet. Quiet in terms of film narrative dynamic. If you’re older, you won’t have any trouble hearing it. However, it’s a long haul for a film that could’ve been wrapped up in under an hour. Film culture is at a point when we need to start realizing that film length isn’t an indicator of quality. Half of the summer films releases could have stood to have 20 minutes knocked off the running time.

Robbie Kay and Charlene Closshey are great as the two leads. Unfortunately, they are the only ones that give to have a personality. Cute little girl shows up to play cute little girl. However, the rest of their world feels placed there to give our two leads people to act cute around together. Even the hacking angle for our lead criminal love interest feels forced. Hell, it seems like the only way to make that guy even belong in this world.

This summer has seen a string of romantic comedies get their chance to fight off the blockbuster fare. Every movie has its place. I just wish they knew how long to hang with the audience. I’d recommend No Postage Necessary. Just be ready for it to drag a little.

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