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When the young island-dwelling Nim (Abigail Breslin) loses contact with her scientist father (Gerard Butler) who’s lost at sea, she reaches out to her favorite author (Jodie Foster) for help. Problem is, the writer — of adventure stories no less — is a recluse who hasn’t left her house in years. Can the agoraphobic author summon the same courage she’s instilled in the hero of her novels in time to rescue her biggest fan?


Jennifer Flackett

Mark Levin

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This lightweight bit of fluff actually has a bit more substance than I expected, but nearly enough mass to bog it down. On the surface, it’s a kid-empowerment movie. Nim, the nine year old girl, is adventurous, interested in everything, and fiercely self-reliant. Alex (that’s Alexandra, much to the surprise of people expecting a male Alex) is too timid to open the front door, and gets carsick before the car even starts moving. Nim is fearless and Alex is omniphobic. Still, once their friendship forms, Alex overcomes her fear of everything but her shadow to help Nim when disasters leave her alone, hurt, and frightened.

The two main characters balance beautifully. Nim is yound and bold, by nature, but still a little girl who gets scared when truly scary things happen. Alex embodies timidity, but has a core of mousy bravery that rises to the occasion. Nim lives in the world of Alex’s adventure stories, which turn real around her as she reads them; Alex lives with the characters she writes, too, but has a much more argumentative relationship with them. A few other things come across nicely, too: the pervasive love of reading, nearly lost in today’s media-mad world, and the image of scientist-geek as loving, strong, and physically competent. The girl-power message is there too, without being exclusive or overbearing. And despite a positive view of science, Nim brings a touch of magic, too.

The Blu-Ray is amazing looking. Such A/V Quality is to be expected, but the island locale floored me in such clarity. Hell, the amount of special features were impressive as well. Quite a killer release. Way to go, Fox.

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