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“Nighthawks” is one of those movies that I’ve loved since I was a little kid, but it has become something new to me as an adult. Sylvester Stallone was a movie God back in 1981, but why did he pick this film instead of another sequel or the then-pending “First Blood”? Well, it’s not often that you get to tackle a cop film about cops that want to plan and be meticulous. Stallone and Billy Dee Williams’ cop characters are officers that have specialized in undercover work. They succeed when they are unseen and can achieve mission goals without recognition.

The flashiness of Rutger Hauer’s terrorist character forces their Department to make them go bigger. Stallone believes he can take down Hauer without burning down half of the city. Yet, no one is willing to accept his views on things. Even Williams bitches about Stallone not shooting after Hauer slices up Williams’ face. The next hour is a slow build, as Hauer is hunted and manipulated by Stallone. Eventually, he slips up and exposes himself in a way that can only guarantee defeat. Stunning and quite unusual work for Stallone. No one gives this movie enough love.


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The Plot Thus Far

Sylvester Stallone and Rutger Hauer star in this riveting story of suspense and intrigue that starts in London, continues in Paris and reaches its chilling conclusion on the streets of New York.

When Europe’s most feared terrorist (Hauer , The Hitcher) explosively announces his presence in Manhattan, two elite undercover cops (Stallone and Billy Dee Williams) are assigned to stop him before he strikes again. But the ruthless terrorist has other plans for the city: and the detectives.

This edge-of-your-seat thriller, directed by Bruce Malmuth (Hard to Kill), also stars Lindsay Wagner (The Bionic Woman), Persis Khambatta (Star Trek: The Motion Picture), Nigel Davenport (The Island of Dr. Moreau) and Joe Spinell (Maniac).


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