Night School (2018)

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Night School came and went during the Fall. Honestly, I’m a little shocked. While it doesn’t tug that hard on the brain, it’s no different than any other Kevin Hart film. Kevin Hart plays the plucky wee hero who makes loud noises and wins the girl. Several talented comic types get to bolster up the supporting ranks. All the while, America gets another film to figure out Tiffany Haddish. The studio system wants to make her into a leading lady, but she seems to play better as a straight comic lead.

Tiffany Haddish and Kevin Hart hit the familiar notes throughout the entire film. Meanwhile, Taran Killam shows up in a role that Robert Prescott would’ve played in the 1980s. If you can already guess the ending, you’re correct.

Nothing is a surprise and the material works as the loose ends of Hart’s regular material. Given that Haddish’s star is on the rise, I expected a bigger role for her. What she does here almost feels like a slap in the face after her bow in Girls Trip. This is the kind of movie she would’ve done after Keanu, but before Girls Trip. Why isn’t someone writing better material for her? These are the questions I ask to remind myself that I saw this nothingburger of a movie.

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