“The Night Of” surprised me this summer on HBO. While so much of the show is familiar, there’s something to Naz’s story that strikes me odd. The show plays with Point-of-View to the point of losing track of whose focus we are absorbing. Did Naz do it or was he innocent? The cynical answer is to say that it doesn’t matter, but that’s not true.

Issues of racism and the impact of economics plays into every scene. But, it’s been done better. “Oz” did it first, even “The Wire” and “Orange is the New Black” has handled the issues better. While John Turturro shines as part of Naz’s legal team, the rest of his counterparts feel like cliche. Will the young female legal eagle find her innate talent? The show is about 7 hours long and it drags you into these lives.

If you think that Naz gets short changed, you’d be wrong. We get a full sense of why Naz is in this situation, but too much time is spent away from him. If you’re expecting “Law & Order” or “House of Cards” level complexity, that’s not going to happen. So much of this series feels lost due to James Gandolfini’s death. For those that don’t know, this was the last project that Gandolfini set up at HBO before his death. So, I guess that gives “The Night Of” a degree of street cred.


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RELEASE DATE: 10/18/16

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