Nick started stand up at the age of 18. In his first year of stand up he was chosen to perform at the U.S. Comedy Arts festival. In 2000, he hit a milestone in his career when he taped his Comedy Central half-hour special at the age of 22 (the youngest to do so). More recently, Nick wrote and starred in the Happy Madison-produced films Grandma’s Boy and Benchwarmers.


Nick Swardson’s comedy DVD “Seriously, Who Farted?” definitely showcases the comedian’s love for beer and alcohol.  He loves it, repeats it and his comedy routine definitely works.  Especially for the audience who go crazy when he talks about alcohol or drugs.  College humor at its finest, I have to admit that I was so used to seeing Swardson on film and television that I never really seen his comedy routine.  I knew he was a funny guy but I didn’t know he was a comedian.

But watching “Seriously, Who Farted?”, I couldn’t help but laugh repeatedly.  His comedy is definitely understandable and can be easily appreciated by those familiar with the topics he discusses and the fact that he uses certain situations that reach a young crowd, discussions of XBOX 360 or Nintendo Wii is one thing, but for audiences who have been in a drunk stupor, are familiar with pot brownies, Asian massage parlors, UFC, ninjas and can laugh quite easily at monkeys, definitely will find Swardson’s comedy DVD to be quite fun and refreshing.

Sure, there are many drunk comedians but Swardson’s comedy is quite hilarious because he’s like the guy next door, the guy you went to college with, the guy you partied with… And I think what makes him so different from other comedians is the wacky roles he plays on films such as the gay skater in “Reno 911?, the guy who lives at home and never has success with women in “You Don’t Mess with the Zohan” or the Dance Dance Revolution gamer in “Grandma’s Boy”.  Supporting roles that are just hilarious to watch and Swardson himself is just a funny comedian that will definitely make you laugh, pee in your pants or make you feel that you’re going to bust a gut.  It’s that hilarious!

The DVD comes with featurettes and a trailer. Most of it is typical for a Comedy Central special. What differs is the uncensored audio and Swardson getting to play around with the material and making something closer to his tastes. Although, most of the material is a straight lift from his “Party” album. Still, I’d recommend it for a cautious buy.


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